You will find many versions of the cabbage soup diet online, they are called all sorts of names from weight watcher’s soup, wonder soup, pure diet soup, Russian peasant diet and so on. The original intent of the diet was to loose 10 pounds (4.5 kg) of fat in a 7 day timeframe. This is really unrealistic, just like loosing fat in such short periods of time…you know the yoyo effect…even if you loose, it will not last. Read more on this here.

But here is the good news…you might not find something as light and delicious as this one! A purple creamy soup packed with flavor and healthy ingredients, done in under 30 minutes? Yes Please! This is the exact Cabbage soup diet recipe that you need ! And remember…there is no one way wonders…a healthy died is balanced, periodic and long term…and along with your favorite exercise…brings the best results. One more thing…we have one more diet soup recipe if you want to try…the clear soup.

Equipment you will need: 
1. Cutting Board
2. Chopping Knife
3. Medium Skillet
4. Medium Pot

You might just eat because of the color! Truly vibrant, not seen anywhere !