Okay Chefs… Are You Ready to take on the…

“Cooking for Canines VIRTUAL CHALLENGE”

WINNERS in each category will be FEATURED in the Upcoming Season”3” of the Cooking for Canines with Chef Laly Show…
& SHOWCASED in the Canine Film Festival in July 2021!

PLUS ALL ENTRIES will Receive Fabulous GIVEAWAYS ...


Let the Cooking for Canines Virtual Challenge Begin!

Recipe Entry Requirements & Starting Dates

Name of Your Recipe and Category:



1.   JR. CHEFS  (7 to 17 years old)
(Must be supervised by a parent or guardian)

2.   ALL CHEFS (All Ages)


Free Audition Submission Due On or Before:

· January 10th, 2021


· ARF-Petizer – January 17th, 2021

· ENTRÉE  - January 24th, 2021

· DOG-Sert – January 31st, 2021

o You can Enter just One or All Three!

o Remember Only use Ingredients in our PAW-Approved List…

Once you request and submit your Entry form,
please follow these directions to submit your recipe

to the Virtual Challenge!

1.   Submit Three Photos- 1 each of ; )

· You

· Your Dog (If you don’t have a dog, that’s Okay)

· Your Plated Creation(s)


2.   A 3 to 5 Minute Video of Your Recipe to Include:

· Prep

· Cooking or Baking

· Plating

***You can break them up into 1 minute each***

 You can Edit your Video or we can Edit for you…
***If you are using your phone to video your presentation, please film and submit in a Horizontal View***

3.  Entry forms will be sent to you via Email.
4.  Entries will be Judged by the: Doggie Bag Café Chefs, Seasons 1 & 2 Contestant Winners & Their Celebrity Dogs…

5. To Request an Entry Form or If you have any questions, please email...


See you in a Yappy Kitchen,
Chef Laly & Friends



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