• 3 eggs
  • 4 TBS cream cheese softened
  • Olive Oil
  • sweet: berries & nutella
  • savory: turkey slices: cheese of your choice


0 Mins

Cook Time

0 Mins

Prep Time

Recipe Description

If you want a light sweet or savory breakfast, this 3 ingredient crepe will hit the spot.  This is a great dish to make for company or for a treat for yourself.  If you add nutella and berries, you can make it sweet or add sliced turkey and cheese to make it savory.  Either way, it tastes amazing and only 3 ingredients! Enjoy!

Recipe Directions

1. Put the eggs and cream cheese in a bowl and whisk until the cream cheese becomes a homogenous mixture with the egg.

2. Turn your stove on to 350°F, about medium-high, and coat a frying pan in olive oil.

3. Pour 3 spoonfuls of the mixture into the frying pan.

4. When the bottom side of the crepe is hard and a deep yellow color (or a little brown if you want to be safe), flip it over. Once both sides have cooked, remove the crepe from the pan and put on a plate. Repeat this process for each crepe.

5. For a sweet crepe, spread one half of the crepe with Nutella, top with berries (any type) and then fold the other side over it.

6.  For a savory crepe, place 2 slices of turkey on one half of the crepe, top with spinach and then sprinkle cheese on top. Fold the other side of the crepe over to eat.