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MyFoodies is proudly powered by independent professional food bloggers across the globe. It is our mission to provide our users with the highest level of content possible. It is for that reason that we require all MyFoodies bloggers to be a professional food blogger.

MyFoodies defines a professional food blogger as the following:

Someone who has a –

  • Professional website (Food Blog site)
  • Professional photos of your food.


After you have submitted an application and your MyFoodies Blogger status has been approved, you will create an account and post your recipes on our site. We promote your recipes though our social media channels like Facebook, Linkedin and Pinterest sending traffic to your site.

If your recipe is chosen to go on our Facebook page, you could see a huge spike in your traffic. Some recipes posted have gotten up to 300k shares in just a few days.

We have had several bloggers tell us their servers crashed after we posted one of their recipes on our site and on our Facebook page…due to the traffic they got from our promotion.

We do all of this, for “free” for all professional bloggers who have quality blogs/websites that submit quality recipes and photos of their food.

Submitting Recipes

When you sign up, you can post 2 recipes a day for MyFoodies and 2 recipes a day for Wellnez TV which is our healthy section. So you can post up to 4 recipes per day on our website.

Each day we choose new recipes to go up on our Facebook “MyFoodies” page and “Wellnez TV” page. We schedule posts, so after posting to our website it could be days before it is posted on our Facebook pages. All recipes posted to our Wellnez TV page that get 20 shares or more in the first 2 days, will also be shared on MyFoodies Facebook page. This is very easy to do as we have over 20k fans on our Wellnez TV page.

We also will partner with you on any giveaway you may have. Your giveaway must meet Facebook standards as we post all giveaways on our website & Facebook.

How to submit giveaways

Send us information via email to
in word form that tells all about the give away, dates, prizes etc.

Also, send us a link to the giveaway and a photo.

We will post it on our website and on Facebook. YOU MUST LET US KNOW via EMAIL THE DAY THE CONTEST IS OVER AND WHO WON.

We want to be able to let people see, the winners. That always helps them participate in giveaways to come.

All giveaway posts will go on our Facebook page with 1.2 Million Fans.


Becoming a MyFoodies blogger is a three-step process.

  • STEP 1: Submit an application to become a MyFoodies blogger.
  • STEP 2: Your application must be approved.
  • STEP 3: You will be notified by email once your MyFoodies blogger status has been approved.


Just about every day I have a constant flow of traffic coming from My Foodies to my recipes (even from recipes posted days or weeks before). Also, I have found that these people are also clicking on my other recipes which creates a huge amount of traffic to many of my recipes. My Foodies is one of my favorite ways to promote my recipes

Sarah Gibbons: Raining Hot Coupons

My traffic has definitely increased since I started submitting my recipes on My Foodies! Especially on a day when I am featured on Facebook

Mandy Bird: Mandy’s Recipe Box

Foodies has been so beneficial to my blog traffic. I always know when they've shared one of my recipes because I see an immediate spike in my analytics! So grateful and i just adore FOODIES!

Danielle Baron: Hugs & Cookies xox