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Homemade Chicken soup is great for cold weather and to warm the soul.  Try this when a family member doesn't feel well. 

 A warm bowl of soup can hit the spot on a cold day. It can also be a healthy way to start off a meal because it tends to be high in vegetables, filling and low in energy density. Homemade soup is a better choice than canned soup, however, because canned soup often contains the chemical BPA and is high in sodium.Homemade Chicken Soup

Boil whole chicken and pull off all meat, put in your pot.
Then, salt and pepper (your taste) add one tsp Italian seasoning: 2 cups whipping cream: a cup of chopped carrots: 1 stick of butter and a small bag frozen peas. Then add a 1/2 bag of noodles (your favorite kind) and about a cup of chopped scallions, Then simmer for 45 minutes

Recipe Directions

boil soup