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Today we will prepare a meat roast dish with onions and mushrooms. It is a delicious and festive delicacy that is really an invested dish that takes time to prepare but it really is not difficult if you are adhering to the whole preparation process you will have a fabulous dish for a holiday Saturday or just for a slightly more festive meal than usual. Meat can be served at any festive meal or as part of the meat catering menu for events.   The meat roasts are prepared in the form of slices of meat and in fact yesterday I cooked a lump of meat in the water. I took a block of shoulder roast # 5 I sprinkled it with some oil I put in the pot, I sprinkled it well on all sides after that I filled the boiling water to the end and filled the pot with chunks. I added onion pot, bay leaf and peppercorns, and brought the whole pot to a boil. I put a lid on the pot and passed everything, with the meat on the lowest fire, and allowed to cook for two hours.

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