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Standing at the BBQ position all evening is not a simple task at all; Also withstand the heat, not spend the event itself and soak up all the smells of cooking. Why not let someone else do the work for you? The Mangalis - Meat Catering on Fire that comes with a professional Mangalist and close throughout the evening and a wait staff and courteous service. Catering meat on fire - what types of meats to choose We give you a free night to sit and enjoy with your friends / acquaintances or family and let us do all the hard work: The Mangalis - Meat Catering on fire, variety, tasty and fresh at very attractive prices, which comes with a close and professional mangalist who is with them throughout the evening and makes sure to prepare them The meat on the spot, from the barbecue stand to you to the plate with the help of excellent waiters who are just waiting to help you with everything you need to sit and relax and not worry for a moment. Their menu is tailored to each occasion so you are the only one to choose; Whether a basic or premium grill menu or whether it’s an entrecote steak, poppy, kebab or asado and shawarma. Along with the main courses, there are also great toppings like almond and raisin rice, fire-fried potatoes and vegetables on the grill, salads that every Israeli loves like tahini, spicy chickpeas, chopped vegetable salad and cabbage salad, in addition to sweet desserts for the end of the evening and of course easy drinking. How Much Will Meat Catering On Fire? It all comes down to the location of the event, the amount of people, the amount of food stands you will need at the venue, the amount of food itself, and the type of menu you have chosen from those offered on the site. You can contact us through the website where you can leave your personal details and event details so that our representative can come back to you with the most attractive price or contact us by phone.

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