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Recommended menu for hospitality It's your turn to host the upcoming holiday / event at home and haven't been able to find a way to get away with it? Don't worry, we are here to make it easier for you and offer you catering that reaches your homes, one that is not only delicious and high-quality, but also cheap: The Mangalis - a meat event that comes with a mangalist accompanied by professional and courteous waiters. Meat hospitality - upgrade the experience Certainly, staying at home is not a favorite experience for most people, but rather it is perceived as a must. If it's your turn to host, and you're not thrilled and excited about trying to find a long, long stand in the kitchen to make salads, toppings, mains and desserts, we've found just that for you. The Mangalis - Meat Hospitality offers you a varied, high-quality buffet experience, excellent meat, at very attractive prices, with an attached Mangalist who is responsible for the meat stand throughout the evening so your lights get a fresh meat on the spot, from the bbq to their plate with the help of friendly waiters Serve you and make your evening easier and carefree. What's on the menu? There are different menu routes that you can choose from, depending on your budget, the guest provider and your taste. You will find meat dishes of entrecote steak, poppy, kebab, asado or even shawarma, in the excellent extras you will find almond and raisin rice, grilled potatoes and vegetables on fire, among the salads you will find everyone's favorite such as tahini, spicy chickpea, vegetable salad Chopped cabbage salad and finally indulged in a selection of sweet desserts and light drinks that goes out throughout the evening. How do I get in touch with you and invite Sherry hosting? All you have to do in order to book accommodation is to leave your personal information on the site and event details such as location or amount of guests, and a representative of our cause will contact you.

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