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Place the steak pieces on the bbq (it should be no larger than 300g each). Give them equal burn on each side, in terms of time something like 8 minutes on each side of the steak. After eight minutes put a mixture of salt and pepper on the steak on one side and give the steak one more minute to stay on the same side (at this time the spices are melted and absorbed in the meat) now turn the steak on the other side and repeat the same operation. After about 18 minutes you can remove the meat from the grill, put it in the plate and look at what color it is. With this method we will know what is the right amount of work for you (exact time data can not be given for any measure because the heat source is different from grill to grill. That is why even in catering to home events, we will always insist on working with our charcoal bbq). In general, a reddish or pinkish flesh color puts us in the medium of making a medium and it can be served to those who love a medium. If the color is white or light, the piece can be offered to those who like the measure of wall. Of course, within these dimensions, there are other degrees of preparation but we will not include them in this recipe. It is recommended to serve the meat on specialty dishes (frigates) that retain heat and eat it as close as possible to finish roasting. Entrecote steak in a serving plate Steak on fire Recommendation for steak on fire   We catering to the mangalists serve our steak accompanied by baked potato in the oven, rosemary and olive oil. We know that good meat does not need a lot of extras around it, so we recommend not serving more than one supplement. Allow green salad and zucchini and basically anything you like with your meat.

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