Honey chicken is a popular Asian dish that can be easily prepared at home with simple ingredients. There are many versions of Honey chicken; Some are sweet and sticky chicken dishes and some are equally spicy with a wonderful glaze and feel. I have modified the recipe to make it spicy and sweet, perfectly balancing the flavours to make a delightful appetizer/ starter or side dish. The whole family loved this version of Chinese Honey chicken and the plates were licked clean! Happy cook and happy tummies!

Preparing this Honey chilly chicken was quite easy. I was careful not to cook the honey though. Ayurveda stresses on the health benefits of honey and advices to have it raw due to its natural healing properties. However, cooking honey in high temperatures cause ill effects to digestive system as per Ayurveda. The maximum temperature advised is 40O C. Hence, I modified the recipe and added Honey after taking it off the flame. Since very less water/ chicken stock is added, it is a dry chilli chicken dish with the gravy coated on chicken pieces. It can be served as an appetizer for parties