Chicken Broccoli Soup / Healthy Broccoli Chicken Soup

Chicken Broccoli soup is hearty and enticing; a healthy soup to comfort you during Monsoon. The rain gods are dancing away in all ecstasy, and diseases like flu and cold are rampant. Therefore, it is very essential to boost your immunity levels to fight them and stay fit. Believe me, this refreshing and comforting bowl of hot chicken soup with broccoli and herbs is the perfect remedy to battle cold and flu during the rainy season.

Soups are great for hydration- besides, herbs like garlic, onion and pepper makes it extremely powerful because of its anti-inflammatory properties. Since, there is a lot of protein in Chicken soups, it is so blissful to have that warm bowl of chicken soup that nourishes your body and soothes your soul. If you like spicy soups, check my Chicken Manchow soup, a delicious concoction of chicken and vegetables topped with fried noodles. Homemade chicken soup for colds is another humble soup recipe that is handy in this climate. Besides, check my Creamy Palak/ Spinach soup; a delightful soup for the veggie nights.