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If it is your turn to host the guys at home or you are looking for good catering for your event, and do not really want to spend hours in the kitchen, cook and take care of everyone around, do not worry, we have found the right solution for you: the manglists - catering for the house event, delicious and cheap meat that comes with Professional Mangalist and excellent wait staff. Catering for an event at home - food without cooking Hosting at home is a difficult task in itself, taking care of all the looks and in addition to looking after the food and making everyone happy. What if we told you that we can lower one of your heads and hearts in the style of catering for an event at home, one that is also delicious, even at attractive prices, both meaty and comes with waiters and a close mangalist so you don't have to worry about talking? Whether you are hosting a big event or a small event, the Mangalists are all set, all you have to do is choose from the menus offered on the site the appropriate menu for your budget and your guests. Among the meat dishes you will find entrecote steak, poppy, kebab, asado or shawarma, the main additions you can see raisin and almond rice, grilled vegetables and fire potatoes. Cabbage and of course our sweet desserts in addition to light drinks offered throughout the evening. If you thought it was just that, you were wrong. The Mangalis also take care of a close Mangalist who accompanies you throughout the evening on the meat stand and makes sure you have fresh meat prepared on the spot so that it comes directly to your guests' plates with the help of the professional and courteous waiters. How do I find catering for an event at home? All you have to do is contact us on our website or call us at our service center.

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