Spicy Fried Rice / Spicy Chicken and Prawn Fried Rice

Spicy Fried Rice is a popular Indo-Chinese rice recipe, vibrant and appealing with its dominant spice level. Indians have changed the authentic Chinese cuisine and modified it to suit Indian taste buds by adding special spices. They created an entirely new cuisine and named it Indo-Chinese. Made popular by street food chefs, Indo Chinese dishes are very much in demand. You get a variety of fried rice recipes like Schezwan spicy fried rice, Chinese fried rice, Singapore Spicy Fried rice etc. across the street food stalls in India. Chinese fried rice as you know is not spicy, whereas Schezwan fried rice is prepared with a fiery schezuan sauce and Singapore style Spicy Fried rice is prepared with curry spices and chilli paste. Preparing the rice beforehand is important to get rid of the stickiness. Besides, cold rice is essential for perfect fried rice. Check the link for fried rice to get that perfect rice that does not stick together.