Recipe Description

Recipe Submitted By:  Liz Larrieu Cupboard Casserole 2 cups of shredded slow cooked beef (you could use pork or chicken) 1/2 block of velveta cheese (cubed) 1 block cream cheese 1 can of drained and washed  corn 1 can of black drained and washed black beans 1 stick of butter 1 can chili seasoned diced tomatoes 16 corn tortillas 1. In a shallow 12″ x 4″  casserole dish (I used a yellow le crùeset casserole dish)  diced butter across the bottom to help moisten the tortillas and help from sticking. 2. Lay 8 tortillas over-lapping 3. Cube the cream cheese and velveta cheese substitute Option1: you could sub 2 cups of shredded yellow cheese if needed) use 1/2 stick of butter if so because of the higher oil in the shredded cheese. Substitution option 2: sub sour cream 4. Spread out the shredded meat 5. Add corn and black beans Substitution option: ranch style beans 6. Add layer of corn tortillas 7. Add chili seasoned tomatoes Sub option: diced tomatoes with 2 Tb of chili powder and a tsp of salt. 8. Sprinkle with cheese shreds on top (I used pepper jack) Back for 17-20 mins at 400 or until hot Serves: 6-8 Calories: not for the faint of heart This is a leftover quick casserole. When there is not enough slow cooked meat to go around one night this is a great option. Liz Larrieu Choctaw,Ok