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I moved to Alabama over 30 years ago and the only two regrets I had when I moved was, not many Mexican food restaurants and NO Jack N the Box fast food.  I am a taco junkie and LOVED the Jack N the Box tacos.  

I know they are a greesy mess and I am sure not healthy for you but every time I visted my grandparents in Galveston County, I brought them a bag of tacos.  I ate them all but thought it was a nice gester.  

I have longed for a Jack N the Box taco many times and now NO MORE.

I went to Burger King today and saw they have tacos.  As a taco lover, I tried one and low and behold...they taste just like my Jack N the Box tacos!  As the sauce ran down my face, I smiled with joy.

If you love Jack N the Box tacos, check out Burger King tacos.  Please order them...I don't want them to go away!

Thank you, Burger King!

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